The reason why an RCCG pastor committed suicide in Abuja

Micheal Arowosaiye is alleged to have committed suicide in Abuja on Tuesday.

The deceased was a music minister in one of the RCCG parishes in Abuja.

Image of Micheal Arowosaiye

It was reported that Arowosaiye went into depression because of his inability to pay his house rent, which led to his suicide.

2 thoughts on “The reason why an RCCG pastor committed suicide in Abuja”

  1. Oh my God! Why didn’t his church members come to his aid. These churches eh, na wa. You guys can’t help members in need. Meanwhile, pastors are moving around in private jets.


  2. Why are we not our brother’s keeper? Why are those who have not reaching out to those who don’t have. So sad indeed!


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