How a medical doctor was exonerated by the police after they watched the CCTV replay of how the Abuja RCCG pastor killed himself

Daniel Etiokpah, an Abuja based medical doctor was detained by the police after he tried reviving the RCCG pastor, Micheal Arowosaiye.

Image of Micheal Arowosaiye and the doctor who tried saving his life

Daniel had narrated how he happened to be in Sunnyvale Estate, where the deceased lived, on the said day of the incidence, to pick up something and was about entering his car, when he heard a distress call by someone some few blocks away, calling for help about someone who just hanged himself.

Being a medical doctor, he said he couldn’t ignore the cry for help and rushed to help the victim. He tried resuscitating the victim using CPR, all to no avail.

While he was on it, the estate security manager, arrived at the scene and thereafter made a call to the police, who arrived 20 minutes later.

When the police men arrived at the scene, Daniel was accused of tampering with evidence and was arrested.

In trying to investigate further, the DPO, the CP, Daniel’s father, pastor and Daniel, went back to the scene of the suicide and it was discovered that there were CCTV cameras in the house.

The CCTV was played and it showed everything-how the suicide took place. This was Daniel’s saving grace, after which he was released.