Sponsored-infobuck.com spreads the gospel of healthcare in Nigeria

Infobuck.com, founded and owned by Bobby Buck was officially launched in Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A in 2006. It carries an ‘A+’ rating with the BBB of America.

For 13 years, infobuck.com have provided exclusive preventative healthcare technology through its products and services for the American people, thereby providing savings that the average consumers will not find in cost for prescription medicine, hospital costs, health plan costs such as Medicare Part D, as well as ancillary medical aid.

Healthcare emblem

Infobuck.com is America’s patient advocate and it is also actively striving to expand minority and women entrepreneur aspirations in healthcare technology, spreading its gospel of healthcare across the world including Nigeria.

Its mission in Nigeria is to provide preventative healthcare technology by seeking competent options in care and cost, working with independent consultants and replicating its successes in Nigeria.

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Website: infobuck.com
Email: infobuck@juno.com
Address: infobuck.com, P.O Box 12231
Roanoke, Virginia, VA 24023