Man hangs himself after killing wife and son in Ikorodu

A motorcyclist, Enife Omomo is alleged to have hanged himself after killing his wife, Faith Omomo and their son, Glorious in Ikorodu.

Graphic image of a suicide Rope

A neighbour of Omomo, Taiwo, confirmed the incident. He said that Omomo had committed suicide, but the cause of the death of his wife and son is yet to be known.

He went further to reveal that he saw the couple sitting together the previous night, without any rancour and that the whole incident came as a big surprise to him.

But another neighbour had said that Omomo was always fighting with his wife and that the cause of the fight always bothered on infidelity, even to the extent of Omomo telling his wife to reveal to him the real father of the boy, otherwise none of them will be alive.

Nothing happened to the couple’s older girls.