An Enugu pastor arrested by the Nigerian Police, alleged to have impregnated 20 church members

The General Overseer of an Enugu based church, Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, Pastor Timothy Ngwu has been arrested by the officers of the Enugu State Police Command for allegedly impregnating many female members of his church.

Image of Timothy Ngwu and some of his church members he impregnated

The pastor had claimed that he was commanded by the Holy Spirit to impregnate women in his ministry, irrespective of their marital status.

The Enugu Police Command Spokesperson, Ebere Amaraizu said that the pastor has been charged for sexual abuse.

Trouble started for Ngwu, after his wife reported his randy behaviour to the police after the pastor was alleged to have impregnated his wife’s young niece, all in the name of being given a mandate by the Holy Spirit.

But the pastor had denied the accusation of having carnal knowledge of the young girl. He also denied having intercourse with any of the married women, except with those whose husband agreed to the request of the Holy Spirit.

Ngwu is said to have five wives, 13 children and several concubines.


One thought on “An Enugu pastor arrested by the Nigerian Police, alleged to have impregnated 20 church members”

  1. Hmmm. Evil men parading themselves as men of God. I don’t know why people still allow themselves to be deceived by these evil men. Poverty plus ignorance is a very dangerous combination!


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