Lesbian couple brutalized in a homophobic attack on London bus

Melania Geymonat and her partner, Chris were severely beaten by a group of teenage boys in what can be described as a homophobic attack, on a London bus on their way back from an evening outing together.

Image of lesbian couple brutalised in homophobic attack in London bus.

The attack took place on May 30, on a night bus in Camden, North London.

Geymonat posted a picture of herself with her partner after the attack covered in blood, sitting on the bus, on Facebook.

She said that at least four teens started harassing them, when they saw them kissing, demanding that they kiss, making lewd comments and ended up assaulting and robbing them.

Detective Superintendent, Andy Cox announcing the arrests, said inquiries are continuing into the “disgusting’ attack.

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan condemned the incident, tweeting-“This was a disgusting, misogynistic attack. Hate crime against the LGBT + community will not be tolerated in London.”

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, joined the condemnation, saying, “This was a sickening attack and my thoughts are with the couple affected. Nobody should ever have to hide who they are and who they love and we must work to eradicate unacceptable violence towards the LGBT community.”