Boyfriend kills 18-year-old girlfriend for rituals in Abraka (Graphic photo)

Favour Ogheneyenrowho, 18, is alleged to have been strangled to death by her boyfriend, who is on the run for money rituals.

Image of a woman killed in Abraka for ritual and put into a bag.

The incident happened in Abraka, Ethiope-East Council Area of Delta State. The victim’s pubic hairs were shaved off before she was killed and her body put into a Ghana-Must-Go bag and disposed at a dump site.

Witnesses disclosed that there were violent marks around her neck area, indicating that she was violently strangulated.

Her elder sister confirmed that she was on her way to the market with her sister, Favour when they were approached by a man who she believed was the one who had called her sister on the phone earlier.

She further said that her sister rode off with the man on a motorcycle, only for her to hear the shocking news, the following day, that her sister has been murdered and tied up with ropes in a sack.

The Delta State Police Commissioner, Mr. Adeyinka Adeleke has confirmed the story.