A Brazilian drug lord who tried escaping from prison dressed as his daughter has killed himself

Clauvino da Silva, a Brazilian drug lord who attempted to smuggle himself out of prison while dressed as his daughter has hanged himself in his cell.

Silva, 42, was serving a decade-long sentence when he was caught last Saturday attempting to break out of jail, disguised as his daughter. He was caught wearing an eerie plastic mask, a long black wig and woman’s clothes, including a bra and returned to prison.

Brazil drug lord who tried to escape from prison dressed as his daughter has killed himself.

The video released by prison authorities in which he slowly removed his surreal disguise had gone viral.

In a gruesome twist on Tuesday, Rio prison officials said Silva was found hanging in his cell in a high-security unit in the State’s Bangu prison complex.

Rio’s prison authority had said in a statement that, ‘The inmate appears to have hanged himself with a bedsheet.”

His death is an embarrassment for Rio’s prison authorities, which had initially cheered their actions in preventing his unusual escape plan. He is the latest prisoner to die in Brazil’s jails.


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